Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Scarlet Woman and Star Fire

As always, what we have been taught in our education process is filled with lies. That being said, when someone talks about Scarlet women, they think of an adulteress or whore. Nevertheless, what I am about to tell you will shock you and maybe gross you out. That’s OK because I am here to inform you and entertain you. 

First, let me be clear in stating that this is not to be confused with the Ancient Babylon, which was known as the “Scarlet Woman”. This my friends, is a whole other scenario. In ancient times, Priestesses were known as “Scarlet Women”. These women were valuable for their menstrual blood. They were also known as “Beloved Ones”. Early patriarchs had a taste for this bloody delicacy. This was known as drinking the blood of the Goddess. I wonder if they got extra points for yummy blood clots that were exiting the Va-Jay-Jay.

By drinking the menstrual blood of the Goddess, the patriarch would gain Mystical abilities along with extending their lives. As you may know, some people (patriarchs) lived to be 300 years old and longer during biblical times while those whom did not partake in these delights did not live as long. The ingestion of blood was a common occurrence in ancient times as the Gods that were worshiped were of the Reptilian race. In addition, these Priestesses were of a bloodline of the Gods, thus making their blood a higher commodity. The blood substance itself was known as “Star Fire”. 

So who the Fuck started defining the words Scarlet woman as whores…? The Roman Catholic Church… ding, ding, ding, ding…! It was they whom contrived the lies in order to discredit the Scarlet Women. As always, the Church stepped into to hide the truth from the masses. 

This story goes much deeper that what I have laid out here. This is just a teaser to spark your interests in bizarre things. For now, you can relax knowing that the Elite used to eat women on their periods so they could be smarter than you and live longer too.