Thursday, June 19, 2014

Protection from Negative Frequency Entities

Archangel Michael sigil

Many people have written me asking for protection from negative frequency entities. They want to know how to remove them from their home and their life. Many people play with fire by opening doors they cannot shut, portals to other dimensions. They do this by using the Ouija board, or they try to conjure up an entity with no knowledge of what they are really doing. Other people attract seriously dark entities to them by their own thoughts and actions, for we attract that which we think, say, and do.
In the Art of High Magick, the most powerful protection is that of Archangel Michael. His main responsibility is protecting those who call upon him. Therefore, Archangel Michael should be used to remove the foul spirits that plague one's life. The easiest way to do this is to use an invocation to the Great Prince Michael. With this invocation brings his presence and his powerful energies. It should be performed three times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. The more you do it the more powerful the energies are. This invocation should be memorized and spoken with sincerity. Here is the invocation to Archangel Michael…

Invocation to Archangel Michael for Protection

I am God and by my own God power, I invoke the Great Prince of Light, beloved Archangel Michael I invoke your full power here and now.
I ask that you
bestow your protective energies upon me now. Keep me under your wings and surrounded with your blue energy rays. Protect me from all energies that are not of the Light. Help me to control my own thought process and transmute the negative thought forms that I have created into the Light.
I ask you to keep me on the path of Light and never let me stray into the darkness.
I love you Archangel Michael and I thank you for you for being my protector. I declare this now Manifest in my life. 
So be it!

Remember, when you do this invocation, you must truly be sincere and do not read it like a monotone imbecile. Make it heartfelt and put your energies and with. You must keep doing this invocation every day in order to keep the negative energies and entities away from you and your home. I have been doing my invocations to Archangel Michael three times a day for many years now and that allows me to carry his essence. This provides me with the maximum amount of protection possible.

On one last note:
If you have some serious Dark entities within your home and you only do this Invocation once. The entity might leave, but it might come back once it sees you have let your guard down by not doing the Invocation everyday. It's like mowing your yard once and think the grass will not come up again. Something to think about for those of you whom like to half-ass things.