Thursday, August 14, 2014

Your Life Purpose...

Most people have a default set of goals for their life. They try to fulfill these goals and that the same time of searching for the meaning of life. They want to know what their life purpose really is. Well I am here to tell you what the purpose is. Your purpose in life is to be economic slave.

First, we will talk about the “default” set of goals in your life. These are the default set of goals:

  • get educated
  • find a good job
  • buy a nice car
  • get married
  • buy a house
  • have children
  •  consume products 

            So let's say you get married, have children, by a nice car and a nice home along with consuming mass products. Congratulations… You are officially now an “economic slave”. Yes, you are in debt and you are now locked into the system with no way out. This is exactly what the Elite want you to be. The more you consume and spend, the richer and more powerful they become. Once you are locked into this system as an economic slave, you no longer have time for your true purpose in life. You do not have time to Meditate. You no longer have time to find your Spiritual Path.
This has become your purpose in life… to be a slave to those in “Higher places”. Do you really want to incarnate again into this prison planet life, after life, after life? No. People say that this is a learning school for the Soul. The truth is… it is a “Playground for Darkness. Just look at the world and all the killing, greed, war, and sickness. The Elite who control this world are not of the Love and Light frequency. This is their Chess game and you are the Pawns whom are expendable. 


            Your goal in life should be to find a way to help yourself and everyone else to Ascend to a Higher Dimension/reality. Yes, you need a car, a job, and a roof over your head to survive. However, do not set your goals to be one of mass consumption of products, thus acquiring debt. Keep your debt to a minimum so that you do not have to work overtime to pay that debt off. The less debt you have… the less you have to work, thus giving you more free time to work on “raising your vibrations” and building your “Body of Light”. There is no easy way out of this cycle of lives. You must be dedicated to working on your Spiritual self in order to escape this chaotic world. You have incarnated into a world where the rules are unfair and therefore you must do all that is necessary to change that. Put down your damn phone. Turn off your TV. Put down those video games. Take the time to search for answers to the truth in everything. Take the time to Ascend to a higher reality. We shift dimensions many times each day according to our thoughts and actions. The world may look the same, but you will make these shifts, which are all created by you. You can help remove the Elite from power by not conforming to their will. Let go of fear. Fear is also what the Elite through the media uses to control our thought process. They show us all these bad things on the news to keep us in fear, which also enslaves us to the three dimensional world.

So, if your life sucks… then make some changes! Get rid of the normal routine of everyday life. You have the power to make the changes. You need to do it…!